.Dante Alighieri Comitato di Monaco & Engeco

19 Mar 2024
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We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Dante Alighieri Comitato di Monaco association! Together, we celebrate the rich Italian culture through various events and initiatives.

Founded in 1979, this independent non-profit association promotes Italy's language and cultural wealth in Monaco.

The tight bonds forged with other European countries, along with the uncomparable depth of Italian culture, mean that Italy features considerable advantages and has many work opportunities to offer. We firmly believe that culture is a strong means of rapprochement and mutual enrichment.

In this context, the Committee of the Dante Alighieri-Monaco association has set itself the goal of providing sturdy linguistic bases, but also a vast intercultural offering, two conditions that are indispensible to efficient exchanges in an international context.

Through high-quality Italian lessons, PLIDA and PLIDA Junior certifications, cultural conferences, cinema projects, travbels, and access to a rich library, we work hard to reinforce the bonds between the Principality of Monaco and Italy.

And so, for the purpose of this parnership, we are delighted to annouce an upcoming exciting cinema event:

Come and discover, or rediscover, the gems of Italian cinema with the Dante Alighieri Comitato di Monaco association.

Dive into the enthralling universe of Italian culture through cinematic works of art, let yourself by carried and by the thoughts the generate.


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For further infgomration and events in collaboration with the DANTE ALIGHIERI COMITATO DI MONACO association!

[link to their internet site].