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.Our company and our values

The history of Engeco in Monaco

Founded in 1984 by Stefano Casiraghi, Engeco has quickly become a major player in the building sector in Monaco. The company, which is still controlled by the Casiraghi family, stands out for the diversity of its activities and expertise, which enables it to carry out projects of all kinds and all sizes in the Principality of Monaco. 


Engeco's areas of expertise


Engeco is active in several areas of the construction and public works sector, including the construction of new buildings, renovation, rehabilitation, civil engineering, public works and demolition. The company is also involved in urban development and sustainable development projects, reflecting the changing needs of Monegasque society and its commitment to the environment.

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Excellence and quality

Engeco is firmly committed to excellence and quality in all its construction projects. We strive to meet our customers' requirements by providing services of the highest quality that comply with the most stringent safety standards. Top-of-the-range materials are used to guarantee excellent finishes. 

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Innovation and adaptability

Engeco recognises the importance of innovation and adaptability in the construction sector. We are committed to adopting new construction methods, incorporating the latest technologies and offering customised solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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Environmental and social responsibility

Engeco is highly aware of the impact its activities have on the environment and society and is committed to acting responsibly and sustainably. We integrate sustainability into every aspect of our projects and are committed to preserving the quality of life of Monaco residents. We also promote an inclusive and diversified working environment for our employees.

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Partnership - a strategic choice

Engeco takes great care in choosing its partners, subcontractors and suppliers.  Over the years, Engeco has forged links and consolidated partnerships with companies specialising in various fields, such as demolition, earthworks, underpinning, acrobatic works, technical packages and façades.

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