. L’Exotique

Fine Properties Monte-Carlo (FPMC) has awarded ENGECO, in its capacity as Delegated Prime Contractor, the contract to carry out all the design studies and All Trades works for the "Entrée de Ville Ouest Supérieure" development in Monaco. This project concerns the construction of a building intended for private use.
  • Unique
  • Sea view
  • Terraces
  • Propylée
L’Exotique, located at the western entrance to the Principality of Monaco on the Moyenne Corniche in the Jardin Exotique district, is a unique residence offering luxury flats with breathtaking south-facing views.
Project informations
Residential, offices, private parking spaces
Construction - All Trades
Rudy Ricciotti - Fabrice Notari

A unique project, built between the sea and the cliff, on the French-Monegasque border, involving excavation work 25 metres below the original ground level.

A flagship element of this project is the architecture of the Propylée, a highly technical and complex structure built in UHPFC (ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete) with its prefabricated monolithic columns 12 metres high, to create a green public park of over 1,000 m2 that spreads in front of the terraces of L’Exotique and under which vehicles entering and leaving Monaco travel.


Designed by Rudy Ricciotti, the principal architect of the MUCEM museum in Marseille, and Monegasque architect Fabrice Notari, this building, which has shaped the western entrance to Monaco, was designed with the aim of maximising light, with bright and airy interiors. What's more, L'Exotique’s flats boast spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea stretching to the horizon, as well as the Rock of Monaco. L'Exotique’s flats also boast magnificent terraces surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

A strategic position

The Jardin Exotique, in the highest position of all Monaco's districts, offers residents incredible views over the rest of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea. It takes its name from its botanical garden, where you can admire an impressive variety of cacti and succulents. This residential area is home to the Princesse Antoinette park, where residents go to play a variety of sports, and children enjoy the mini-zoo and playground. The renowned Princess Grace Hospital is also in the same district.

Top-of-the-range flats 

We have created top-of-the-range flats with high-quality materials and meticulous finishes. The modern, elegant interiors have been designed to offer optimum comfort and a unique living experience. Large picture windows and generous terraces allow residents to take full advantage of the exceptional sea views.

Modern, environmentally-friendly architecture

In keeping with our commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility, our client, Fine Properties Monte-Carlo (FPMC), has designed L'Exotique with bold, modern architecture incorporating eco-responsible technologies. This minimises the environmental impact of the residence and reduces the energy consumption of the flats.

EXOTIQUE Terrasse L.jpeg
In summary
  • 7 floors of homes (65 in total), with a total floor area of 11,000 m².
  •  4,000 m² of office space and common areas
  •  6 floors of private car parking in basements with a total floor area of approximately 6,500 m².


  • Preservation of the cliff on Boulevard Jardin Exotique
  • Drilling for external nailing, micropile reinforcement
  • Execution of 8,000 m² of moulded walls of exceptional height
  • Installation of hydraulic struts to compensate for thermal expansion, length 37m, diameter 120 cm
  •  Bracing floor slab to manage site logistics within the project footprint and reduce noise, visual and dust pollution
  • Excavations by micro-blasting - Jurassic limestone

The project in pictures

  • EVOS Butonnage 1.jpg
  • EXOTIQUE Plan A ET B carroussel
  • EXOTIQUE Fouille Carroussel 2
  • L'exotique 17
  • JEXO 2671
  • EXO 33 VUE CIEL - Piscines terrasses.jpg
  • L'Exotique
  • EXOTIQUE Piscine toit L.jpg
  • EXOTIQUE Terrasse de l'interieur EST L.jpeg
  • L'Exotique
  • L'Exotique
  • L'Exotique
  • L'Exotique
  • L'Exotique
  • JEXO L EXTERIEUR  Carroussel a.jpg
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Assembly of the Propylaea