NS 6770

. Les Nouvelles Serres (New Greenhouses)

Nouvelles Serres de Monaco, an exceptional architectural project conceived by the talented Fabrice Notari and Rudy Ricciotti and carried out by ENGECO.
  • Botanics
  • Greenhouses
  • All trades
Les Nouvelles Serres de Monaco are not just an architectural masterpiece, they are also part of the Principality's evolving urban landscape. The project serves as testimony to the Principality's commitment to preserving biodiversity, and offers residents and visitors an immersive experience inside this plant sanctuary.
Project informations
Service des Travaux Publics de Monaco
Public botanical centre
Rudy Ricciotti - Fabrice Notari

Fine Properties Monte-Carlo (FPMC), in its capacity as Delegated Prime Contractor acting on behalf of the State of Monaco, has entrusted ENGECO with the construction design and All Trades construction work for the Les Nouvelles Serres project.

Les Nouvelles Serres stands on three levels, occupying Monaco’s upper western entrance, at the heart of a district undergoing major changes. With a total surface area of 900 m² devoted to greenhouses and 1,000 m² of shelters, this impressive building was designed to house and protect a green treasure trove of 10,500 plants.

In addition to its role as nature guardian, the building also houses 200 m² of staff accommodation, underlining its multi-functional nature.

In summary

-         3 Levels

-         Earthworks

-         Shoring/retention and special foundations

-         Shell

-         Masonry

-         Façade cladding and covering

-         Road system and various networks All the works required to develop a plot of land: roads, water supply, gas, electricity, telecommunications, sewerage, public lighting, etc.).

-         Technical packages and All Trades finishing 

The project in pictures

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